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  1. Battledrums
  2. The Glory Of Certainty
  3. Blackreach Rising
  4. Khenarthi's Breath
  5. Waning Memories
  6. A Desert Born In Twilight
  7. Secrets Of Azurah
  8. Purr Of The Hunter
  9. Riddle And Shadow
  10. The Two‐Moons Dance
  11. In The Shadow Of Kaalgrontiid
  12. A Clash Of Fang And Flame
  13. Three Hearts Afire
  14. Past Defines The Future
  15. The Lullaby Of Praxis
  16. Shivering Dread
  17. Starlight On Eton Nir
  18. Spires Rise To The Sky
  19. From Abysses Below And Beyond
  20. Isles Of The Starry Dream

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