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  1. It's A Heartache
  2. Total Eclipse Of The Heart
  3. Lost In France
  4. Holding Out For A Hero
  5. More Than A Lover
  6. Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
  7. Heaven
  8. Straight From The Heart
  9. The Best
  10. Faster Than The Speed Of Night
  11. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
  12. Goodbye To The Island
  13. Here Am I
  14. Hide Your Heart
  15. Here She Comes
  16. To Love Somebody
  17. Living For The City
  18. If You Were A Woman (And I Was A Man)
  19. My Guns Are Loaded
  20. Piece Of My Heart

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DateVilleNom de l'événement
1Pardubice, Czech RepublicBonnie Tyler at Enteria Arena (March 7, 2021) (POSTPONED) + d'infos
2Brno, Czech RepublicBonnie Tyler at Zoner Bobyhall (March 8, 2021)+ d'infos
3Martin, SlovakiaBonnie Tyler at Športová Hala Podháj (March 10, 2021) (POSTPONED) + d'infos
4Liberec, Czech RepublicBonnie Tyler and Chris Norman at Home Credit Arena (March 12, 2021)+ d'infos
5Brunn am Gebirge, AustriaBonnie Tyler at Brunner Wiesn (April 15, 2021)+ d'infos
6Copenhagen, DenmarkBonnie Tyler at Docken (April 16, 2021)+ d'infos
7Viborg, DenmarkBonnie Tyler at Tinghallen, Viborg (April 17, 2021)+ d'infos
8Tubarão, BrazilBonnie Tyler at Arena Multiuso Prefeito Estêner Soratto da Silva (April 24, 2021)+ d'infos
9Porto Alegre, BrazilBonnie Tyler at Auditório Araújo Vianna (April 30, 2021)+ d'infos
10Rio de Janeiro, BrazilBonnie Tyler at Km de Vantagens Hall (May 1, 2021)+ d'infos
11Florianópolis, BrazilBonnie Tyler at Arena Petry (May 8, 2021)+ d'infos
12Prague, Czech RepublicBonnie Tyler at Lucerna – Velký sál (May 20, 2021)+ d'infos
13Příbram, Czech RepublicBonnie Tyler at Sports Hall / Sportovní hala (May 21, 2021)+ d'infos
14Görlitz, GermanyBonnie Tyler at Landskron Kulturbrauerei (June 4, 2021)+ d'infos
15Schwarzenberg, GermanyR.SA Festival 2021+ d'infos
16Aarberg, SwitzerlandStars of Sounds 2021+ d'infos
17Budapest, HungaryBonnie Tyler at Barba Negra Track (June 18, 2021)+ d'infos
18Basel, SwitzerlandSummerstage Basel 2021+ d'infos
19Munich, GermanyBonnie Tyler with Chris Norman at Tollwood Sommerfestival (June 27, 2021)+ d'infos
20Kristiansand, NorwayRavnedalen Live 2021+ d'infos
21Torrevieja, SpainBonnie Tyler at Parque Antonio Soria (July 17, 2021)+ d'infos
22Magdeburg, GermanyBonnie Tyler at Seebühne Elbauenpark (July 22, 2021)+ d'infos
23Eschwege, GermanyHafen 2021+ d'infos
24Berlin, GermanyBonnie Tyler at Schloss Oranienburg (July 25, 2021)+ d'infos
25Oulu, FinlandKuuska Soi 2021+ d'infos
26Helsinki, FinlandBonnie Tyler at Kulttuuritalo (October 18, 2021)+ d'infos
27Turku, FinlandBonnie Tyler at Turun Konserttitalo (October 19, 2021)+ d'infos
28Lahti, FinlandBonnie Tyler at Sibeliustalo (October 20, 2021)+ d'infos
29Oulu, FinlandBonnie Tyler at Madetojan Sali (October 23, 2021)+ d'infos
30Tampere, FinlandBonnie Tyler at Tampere-talo (October 26, 2021)+ d'infos
31Seinäjoki, FinlandBonnie Tyler at Rytmikorjaamo (October 27, 2021)+ d'infos
32Magdeburg, GermanyBonnie Tyler at Seebühne Elbauenpark (December 19, 2021)+ d'infos
33Düsseldorf, GermanyBonnie Tyler at Mitsubishi Electric HALLE (February 17, 2022)+ d'infos
34Ravensburg, GermanyBonnie Tyler at Oberschwabenhalle (February 18, 2022)+ d'infos
35Mannheim, GermanyBonnie Tyler at Mozartsaal Im Rosengarten (February 19, 2022)+ d'infos
36Dresden, GermanyBonnie Tyler at Konzertsaal Im Kulturpalast Dresden (February 21, 2022)+ d'infos
37Chemnitz, GermanyBonnie Tyler at Stadthalle Chemnitz (February 22, 2022)+ d'infos
38Heilbronn, GermanyBonnie Tyler at Festhalle Harmonie (February 24, 2022)+ d'infos
39Bielefeld, GermanyBonnie Tyler at Stadthalle Bielefeld (February 25, 2022)+ d'infos
40Dubendorf, SwitzerlandBonnie Tyler at Samsung Hall Zürich (February 28, 2022)+ d'infos
41Lille, FranceBonnie Tyler at Théâtre Sébastopol (March 2, 2022)+ d'infos
42Koblenz, GermanyBonnie Tyler at Rhein-Mosel-Halle (March 4, 2022)+ d'infos
43Fulda, GermanyBonnie Tyler at Esperantohalle (March 5, 2022)+ d'infos
44Suhl, GermanyBonnie Tyler at Congress Centrum Suhl (CCS) (March 6, 2022)+ d'infos
45Paris, FranceBonnie Tyler at L'Olympia (March 8, 2022)+ d'infos
46Toulouse, FranceBonnie Tyler at Casino Barrière - Toulouse (March 9, 2022)+ d'infos
47Würzburg, GermanyBonnie Tyler at Congress Centrum Würzburg (CCW) (March 13, 2022)+ d'infos
48Nuremberg, GermanyBonnie Tyler at Meistersingerhalle (March 14, 2022)+ d'infos
49Strasbourg, FranceBONNIE TYLER live 2022+ d'infos
50Lyon, FranceBonnie Tyler at Salle 3000 (March 17, 2022)+ d'infos