Blossom Dearie n°2049 États-Unis
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  1. I'm Hip
  2. Once Upon A Summertime
  3. Moonlight Saving Time
  4. Sweet Georgie Fame
  5. Tea For Two
  6. Inside A Silent Tear
  7. Plus Je T'embrasse
  8. They Say It's Spring
  9. I Won't Dance
  10. Rhode Island Is Famous For You
  11. Hey John
  12. Everything I've Got
  13. I Hear Music
  14. Someone To Watch Over Me
  15. I'm Shadowing You
  16. When The World Was Young
  17. Down With Love
  18. Manhattan
  19. Doop‐Doo‐De‐Doop (A Doodlin' Song)
  20. Our Love Is Here To Stay

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