Benjamin Bartlett n°1307 Royaume-Uni
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  1. Walking With Dinosaurs
  2. Islands Of Green
  3. Triassic Water
  4. Tyrannosaurus
  5. Departure Of The Muttaburrasaurs
  6. Secret Flight
  7. Sleeping Laellynasaura
  8. Antartic Spring
  9. Spirits Of The Ice Forest
  10. Cruel Sea
  11. Canyon Of Terror
  12. The Ankylosaurus
  13. Jurassic Forest
  14. Escape Of The Podlets
  15. Time Of The Titans
  16. Deadly Nightscape
  17. Flight Of The Ornithocheirus
  18. Giant Of The Skies
  19. Torosaurus Lock Horns
  20. Survival Of The Cynodonts

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