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  1. Earthly Morgue
  2. Nightskies Burial Ground
  3. Holy Possession
  4. Doombringer
  5. Heavens Light Demise
  6. Venomous Tears (Mourn Of The Unholy Mother)
  7. Behold The Satan's Sword
  8. Praise The Beast
  9. Queen Of The Sabbath
  10. Azazel
  11. Unholy Trinity
  12. Obey The Flesh
  13. Throne Of Skulls
  14. From Beyond The Coldest Star
  15. Arising The Black Flame
  16. Supreme Reign Of Tiamat
  17. Crushing Hammer Of The Antichrist
  18. Firebreath Of Blasphemy And Scorn
  19. The Abjection
  20. Under The Will Of The Lord

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