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  1. Farewell From Distant Shores
  2. When Distance Becomes Real
  3. We Are All Destined For Grief
  4. Blow Of Loss
  5. Together As One
  6. Orpheus Mourning
  7. Your Wake
  8. No Pain At Sleep
  9. Nemesis
  10. Acceptance
  11. The Disinherited
  12. When Everything Fades Away
  13. Insignificant Among Insignificance
  14. Sombra Y Silencio
  15. Yearning For Blissful Moments While Standing Upon The Ruins
  16. Trapped In Flesh
  17. Die Letze Fuge Vor Der Flucht
  18. Le Nébuleux Sentier
  19. Before The Battle
  20. Defeat & Revenge

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