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  1. Woke Up This Morning
  2. Ain't Goin' To Goa
  3. Up Above My Head
  4. Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness
  5. If I Should Die Tonight
  6. Mansion On The Hill
  7. Hypo Full Of Love
  8. Monday Don't Mean Anything
  9. Hello... I'm Johnny Cash
  10. The Moon Has Lost The Sun
  11. Power In The Blood
  12. Woody Guthrie
  13. R.e.h.a.b.
  14. Too Sick To Pray
  15. Peace In The Valley
  16. Mao Tse Tung Said
  17. Flag
  18. Way Beyond The Blues
  19. Let It Slide (Remix)
  20. Amos Moses

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