After Forever n°19 Pays-Bas
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  1. Wings Of Illusion
  2. Emphasis
  3. Forlorn Hope
  4. Silence From Afar
  5. Imperfect Tenses
  6. Energize Me
  7. Intrinsic
  8. Follow In The Cry
  9. Taste The Day
  10. Being Everyone (Single Version)
  11. Blind Pain (Aggressive Version)
  12. Eccentric (Orchestral Version)
  13. Sins Of Idealism (Single Version)
  14. Beneath
  15. Two Sides (Single Version)
  16. Digital Deceit (Single Version)
  17. Come
  18. My Choice (Acoustic Version)
  19. Glorifying Means
  20. The Evil That Men Do (Single Version)

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