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  1. Gravy Train
  2. Hour Of The Wolf
  3. Local Girl
  4. Irene (Strip Steve's Mtv Remix)
  5. Feel You In My Arm (Yuksek Remix)
  6. Modern Times (Goon & Koyote Remix)
  7. Gravy Train (Fortune Remix)
  8. Gravy Train (Blackjoy Disco Version)
  9. Gravy Train (Blackjoy Disco Edit)
  10. Let The Earth Rejoice
  11. Gravy Train (Blackjoy Disco Dub)
  12. Modern Times
  13. Voyage Intérieur
  14. You Make Me Feel Immoral
  15. Where's My Place
  16. Hour Of The Wolf (Adam Kesher Extended Version)
  17. Hour Of The Wolf (Lifelike Remix)
  18. Irene
  19. P. Katerine
  20. Feel You In My Arm

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