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  1. Take On Me
  2. Hunting High And Low
  3. The Sun Always Shines On T.v.
  4. Train Of Thought
  5. Cry Wolf
  6. Manhattan Skyline
  7. I've Been Losing You
  8. Crying In The Rain
  9. Stay On These Roads
  10. The Living Daylights
  11. Love Is Reason
  12. Here I Stand And Face The Rain
  13. The Sun Always Shines On Tv
  14. Summer Moved On
  15. And You Tell Me
  16. Scoundrel Days
  17. Hunting High And Low (Remix)
  18. Dark Is The Night For All
  19. Forever Not Yours
  20. Living A Boy's Adventure Tale

Discographie de a‐ha

21 compilations

  1. Pochette Time and Again: The Ultimate a-ha
    Time and Again: The Ultimate a-ha18 Mars 2016
  2. Pochette Collection
  3. Pochette The Triple Album Collection
    The Triple Album Collection5 Octobre 2012
  4. Pochette Original Album Series
    Original Album Series13 Juin 2011
  5. Pochette 25
    256 Août 2010
  6. Pochette Greatest Hits
    Greatest Hits2 Octobre 2007
  7. Pochette Remix Collection 1985-2005
    Remix Collection 1985-20052005
  8. Pochette The Singles: 1984–2004
    The Singles: 1984–200429 Novembre 2004
  9. Pochette The Videos
    The Videos2003
  10. Pochette The Very Best of A-Ha
    The Very Best of A-Ha13 Mai 1992
  11. Pochette The Best
    The Best25 Mars 1992
  12. Pochette Headlines and Deadlines: The Hits of a‐ha
    Headlines and Deadlines: The Hits of a‐ha4 Novembre 1991
  13. Pochette Best in Brazil
    Best in Brazil1991
  14. Pochette On Tour In Brazil
    On Tour In Brazil1989
  15. Pochette Extended Hits (Bradypus Series)
    Extended Hits (Bradypus Series)
  16. Pochette Greatest Hits
    Greatest Hits
  17. Pochette Greatest Hits
    Greatest Hits
  18. Pochette Hunting High and Low / Lifelines
    Hunting High and Low / Lifelines
  19. Pochette The Best
    The Best
  20. Pochette The Best of a-ha
    The Best of a-ha
  21. Pochette Extended Mixes
    Extended Mixes

47 singles

  1. Pochette You Have What It Takes
    You Have What It Takes16 Septembre 2022
  2. Pochette I'm In
    I'm In8 Juillet 2022
  3. Pochette Take On Me (Symphonic version)
    Take On Me (Symphonic version)18 Octobre 2018
  4. Pochette Take on Me
    Take on Me29 Septembre 2017
  5. Pochette Objects in the Mirror
    Objects in the Mirror12 Mars 2016
  6. Pochette Cast in Steel
    Cast in Steel28 Août 2015
  7. Pochette The Wake
    The Wake28 Août 2015
  8. Pochette Take On Me (Kygo remix)
    Take On Me (Kygo remix)26 Août 2015
  9. Pochette Under the Makeup
    Under the Makeup3 Juillet 2015
  10. Pochette Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)
    Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)5 Juillet 2010
  11. Pochette Nothing Is Keeping You Here
    Nothing Is Keeping You Here20 Novembre 2009
  12. Pochette Shadowside
    Shadowside16 Octobre 2009
  13. Pochette Foot of the Mountain
    Foot of the Mountain4 Mai 2009
  14. Pochette Vectra GT Remix
    Vectra GT RemixMars 2009
  15. Pochette Foot Of The Mountain (Digital Version)
    Foot Of The Mountain (Digital Version)1er Janvier 2009
  16. Pochette Cosy Prisons
    Cosy Prisons2006
  17. Pochette Analogue (All I Want)
    Analogue (All I Want)30 Décembre 2005
  18. Pochette Celice
    Celice4 Octobre 2005
  19. Pochette The Sun Always Shines on TV: Live
    The Sun Always Shines on TV: Live10 Mars 2003
  20. Pochette Did Anyone Approach You?
    Did Anyone Approach You?30 Septembre 2002
  21. Pochette Lifelines
    Lifelines2 Juillet 2002
  22. Pochette Forever Not Yours
    Forever Not Yours2 Avril 2002
  23. Pochette Minor Earth | Major Box
    Minor Earth | Major Box26 Février 2001
  24. Pochette The Sun Never Shone That Day
    The Sun Never Shone That Day2001
  25. Pochette Velvet
    Velvet6 Novembre 2000
  26. Pochette Minor Earth | Major Sky
    Minor Earth | Major Sky10 Juillet 2000
  27. Pochette Summer Moved On
    Summer Moved On3 Avril 2000
  28. Pochette Shapes That Go Together
    Shapes That Go Together1994
  29. Pochette Angel
    Angel6 Septembre 1993
  30. Pochette Dark Is the Night
    Dark Is the Night24 Mai 1993
  31. Pochette Move to Memphis
    Move to Memphis14 Octobre 1991
  32. Pochette Crying in the Rain
    Crying in the Rain1990
  33. Pochette Early Morning
    Early Morning1990
  34. Pochette I Call Your Name
    I Call Your Name1990
  35. Pochette You Are the One (remix)
    You Are the One (remix)21 Novembre 1988
  36. Pochette Touchy! (Go-Go mix)
    Touchy! (Go-Go mix)15 Août 1988
  37. Pochette Stay on These Roads
    Stay on These Roads14 Mars 1988
  38. Pochette The Blood That Moves the Body
    The Blood That Moves the Body1988
  39. Pochette The Living Daylights
    The Living Daylights22 Juin 1987
  40. Pochette Manhattan Skyline
    Manhattan Skyline16 Février 1987
  41. Pochette Cry Wolf
    Cry Wolf24 Novembre 1986
  42. Pochette Hunting High and Low
    Hunting High and Low2 Juin 1986
  43. Pochette I’ve Been Losing You
    I’ve Been Losing You1986
  44. Pochette The Sun Always Shines on T.V.
    The Sun Always Shines on T.V.1985
  45. Pochette The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (Exclusive U.S. Dance Mix)
    The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (Exclusive U.S. Dance Mix)1985
  46. Pochette Train of Thought
    Train of Thought1985
  47. Pochette Take On Me
    Take On Me1984