X‐Perience n°160 Allemagne
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  1. Circles Of Love (Radio Edit)
  2. Return To Paradise (Single Mix)
  3. Island Of Dreams
  4. Dream A Dream
  5. The Journey Of Life
  6. Never Look Back
  7. The Meaning Of Life
  8. I Don't Care (Radio Mix)
  9. Everytime
  10. A Neverending Dream (Ambient House Mix)
  11. A Neverending Dream (Radio Version)
  12. The Moon
  13. Game Of Love (Radio Mix)
  14. Game Of Love (Extended Version)
  15. I Don't Care (Extended Version)
  16. I Don't Care (Dream Dance Mix)
  17. Mirror (Extended Version)
  18. Mirror (Red Rain Mix)
  19. Game Of Love (Frozen Trumpet Mix)
  20. Game Of Love (Instrumental Version)

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