William Bell n°1687 États-Unis
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  1. I Forgot To Be Your Lover
  2. Born Under A Bad Sign
  3. My Baby Specializes
  4. You Don't Miss Your Water
  5. All For The Love Of A Woman
  6. My Whole World Is Falling Down
  7. Save Us
  8. A Penny For Your Thoughts
  9. Private Number
  10. Winding, Winding Road
  11. I'll Be Home
  12. Happy
  13. Everybody Loves A Winner
  14. You'll Want Diamonds
  15. Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt
  16. I've Got To Go On Without You
  17. Lovin' On Borrowed Time
  18. Gettin' What You Want (Losin' What You Got)
  19. Love's Sweet Sensation
  20. Strung Out

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