We Are the Ocean n°1142 Royaume-Uni
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  1. (I'll Grab You By The) Neck Of The Woods
  2. Look Alive
  3. The Midnight Law
  4. Ark
  5. I Wanna Be
  6. Good For You
  7. Do It Together
  8. Shere Khan
  9. Hope You're Well
  10. Letter To Michael
  11. Holy Fire
  12. Wild
  13. There's Nothing Wrong
  14. Remember To Remember Them
  15. Pass Me By
  16. The Great Unknown
  17. Hey Now
  18. Don't Be Careless
  19. Nothing Good Has Happened Yet
  20. Welcome To My Broken Home

We Are the Ocean : la fiche

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We Are the Ocean

We Are the Ocean est un groupe de musique orienté rock. 7 de leurs oeuvres sont en écoute gratuite et illimitée sur Allformusic !

Le style de musique de We Are the Ocean se répartit ainsi :

  • Rock 81 %
  • Alternative 19 %