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  1. We Be (Dj Vadim Remix)
  2. There Is Danger (G Bonson Remix)
  3. Positively Inclined (Berry Weight Remix)
  4. Where My Heart's At
  5. Positively Inclined
  6. There Is Danger
  7. Leave It
  8. This Train
  9. Level The Sound
  10. Positively Inclined (Novel Yom Remix)
  11. The Games You Play (Daedelus Remix)
  12. To Dry Up (General Elektriks Remix)
  13. Our Dance (Madwreck Remix)
  14. Que Será
  15. Hypnosis Theme
  16. Damn That Music Made My Day
  17. Our Dance
  18. The Way We Lived
  19. The Games You Play
  20. The Tune

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