Void of Silence n°99 Italie
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  1. A Mild Form Of Hate
  2. To A Sickly Child
  3. Farthest Shores
  4. Adeona (Or Surfaced As Resonant Thoughts)
  5. The Sky Over
  6. Abeona (Or Quietly Gone In A Hiatus)
  7. The Void Beyond
  8. Empty Echo
  9. None Shall Mourn
  10. Temple Of Stagnation (Dfmi Mmx)
  11. Apt Epitaph
  12. The Grave Of Civilization
  13. Prelude To The Death Of Hope
  14. Cxviii
  15. Dark Static Moments
  16. Grey Horizon (M.p.h. Mmiv)
  17. Elemental Pain
  18. Human Antithesis
  19. Xtc Elevation-Trip
  20. Universal Separation

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