Tubeway Army n°1002 Royaume-Uni
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  1. Down In The Park
  2. Are ‘Friends' Electric?
  3. Bombers
  4. That's Too Bad
  5. I Nearly Married A Human
  6. It Must Have Been Years (Early Version)
  7. Only A Downstat
  8. I Nearly Married A Human 3 (Early Version)
  9. Replicas (Early Version)
  10. Are ‘Friends' Electric? (Early Version)
  11. Replicas (Early Version 2)
  12. Blue Eyes
  13. Are ‘Friends' Electric? (Early Version 2)
  14. We Have A Technical
  15. When The Machines Rock (Early Version)
  16. My Shadow In Vain
  17. Cars
  18. This Is My Life
  19. Critics
  20. Mean Street

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