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  1. Knockin' On Ziggy's Big Ego
  2. Wouldn't You Be My Baby
  3. All Chop Beats Now
  4. Make It In The Morning
  5. Take Me Out Blues
  6. Fire Coming Out Of Oxford Town
  7. Blowin' In My Mind (2009 Version)
  8. Subterranean Time Warp Blues
  9. The Man In Secret Plans
  10. Tambourines Are From Barcelona
  11. Rapture (Let Me Follow You Down)
  12. Freight Train Control
  13. I Can't Stand Along The Watchtower
  14. Young Americans Stand Up
  15. Bombs Over Voodoo People
  16. Mr. Trick Too
  17. Knockin' On Ziggy's Door (Long Mix)
  18. First Breed
  19. Firestarter Jimmy
  20. Rock 'N' Roll Omen

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