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  1. Party Down
  2. Boom Boom
  3. Home To You
  4. Shadows
  5. Become One
  6. Engulfed In Ecstasy
  7. Let Go (Toneshifterz Album Edit)
  8. Ready For The Bass
  9. Stomp The Floor
  10. Dimanous
  11. Shifting To The Source
  12. We Are The Future (Original Edit)
  13. Party Takes Me
  14. We Are The Future (Original Mix)
  15. Can't Fail (Original Edit)
  16. Can't Fail (Original Mix)
  17. Get Your Hands Up & Party Down (Mashup)
  18. Stand Together (Will Sparks Remix)
  19. Stand Together (Will Sparks Remix Extended)
  20. Jaydee

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