TM Juke n°1303 Royaume-Uni
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  1. Life, Rain, Fall
  2. Electric Chair
  3. Lady Garden
  4. Knee Deep
  5. Swamp Ska's
  6. Heads High(Er)
  7. The Train
  8. Omak Besar (Big Waves)
  9. Rolling Stone To Landslide
  10. Fortune Favours The Bold
  11. Party Favours
  12. Yeah The Crab!
  13. Echo's From The Surface
  14. Hurry On Now (Radio Mix)
  15. Hurry On Now (Album Instrumental)
  16. Hurry On Now (A Cappella)
  17. Hurry Home
  18. Do It
  19. Come Away (Extended)
  20. My World Is Empty Without You

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