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  1. Nellie The Elephant
  2. She Goes To Finos
  3. Dig That Groove Baby
  4. Idle Gossip
  5. Tommy Kowey's Car
  6. Fisticuffs In Frederick Street
  7. Deirdre's A Slag
  8. Yul Brynner Was A Skinhead
  9. Glenda And The Test Tube Baby
  10. We're Mad
  11. Bless You My Son
  12. Back In '79
  13. I've Got Asthma
  14. Alfie From The Bronx
  15. My Girlfriend's Dad's A Vicar
  16. Spiders In The Dressing Room
  17. Dougy Giro
  18. James Bond (Lives Down Our Street)
  19. Sabre Dance
  20. Geordie's Gone To Jail

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