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  1. Don't Call
  2. Coastal Cities
  3. Summer Of '98
  4. Too Young
  5. The Glitch
  6. The Good Guy (Treal Feat. The Secret Handshake)
  7. Midnight Movie (Remix) (Feat. Random Impulse)
  8. Another Week (Feat. Eliseo) (Ne-Yo Beat)
  9. Used To Be Sweet
  10. Here's To You
  11. Is This Through?
  12. Black Girl
  13. Stop
  14. You Got Me
  15. Magic
  16. Fresh Start
  17. The Way We Talk (The Maine Cover)
  18. Hey Girl (New Demo)
  19. Don't Know You Kid (Lupe Fiasco Beat)
  20. Good Day (Feat. T-Doe) (Lupe Fiasco Beat)

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