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  1. Girl And The Sea
  2. Girl And The Sea (Cut Copy Remix)
  3. My People
  4. Talk Like That
  5. Truth And Lies
  6. Midnight Boundary
  7. Do What You Want
  8. Down Down Down (Digitalism Remix)
  9. I Go Hard, I Go Home (The Juan Maclean Remix)
  10. Down Down Down (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)
  11. Promises
  12. Ghosts
  13. I Go Hard, I Go Home (Ascii.disko Remix)
  14. Anywhere
  15. If I Know You
  16. Are You The One?
  17. This Boy's In Love
  18. Kitty In The Middle
  19. Kicking And Screaming
  20. Down Down Down

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