The Leisure Society n°1148 Royaume-Uni
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  1. The Sleeper
  2. We Were Wasted
  3. A Fighting Chance
  4. Come To Your Senses
  5. Fight For Everyone
  6. I'll Pay For It Now
  7. Love's Enormous Wings
  8. A Matter Of Time
  9. Are We Happy?
  10. The Darkest Place I Know
  11. Save It For Someone Who Cares
  12. A Short Weekend Begins With Longing
  13. The Last Of The Melting Snow
  14. Mistakes On The Field, Pt. Ii
  15. You've Got The Universe
  16. There Are No Rules Around Here
  17. Beat Of A Drum
  18. Leave Me To Sleep
  19. Let Me Bring You Down
  20. Mistakes On The Field, Pt. I

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