The Edge n°30 Irlande
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  1. Telling Their Own Stories, In Their Own Words
  2. Bouncing Off The Walls
  3. Sleazy
  4. It Was A Camel
  5. Hold On To Your Dreams
  6. Snake Charmer
  7. Heroine (Theme From “Captive”) (Mix Ii)
  8. Heroine (Theme From “Captive”)
  9. Turn Off The Dark
  10. Rise Above 2
  11. A Freak Like Me Needs
  12. Sinistereo
  13. If The World Should End
  14. Diy World
  15. No More
  16. Pull The Trigger
  17. I Just Can't Walk Away (Say It Now)
  18. Deleted Scenes, Toronto Film Festival Press Conference, Theatrical Trailer, Previews
  19. Picture This
  20. Rise Above 1

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