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  1. Conflict (Turmoil Mix)
  2. Redemption
  3. Carve Into You (2003 Edit)
  4. Conflict (Combichrist Mix)
  5. Conflict (Massiv In Mensch Mix)
  6. Conflict (Phaze Mix By Negative Format)
  7. Conflict
  8. Not Justified
  9. Conflict (Alpha Conspiracy Mix By Iris)
  10. Lost
  11. Evolution
  12. Harsh Reality
  13. Evolution (Dillusional Mix By Flesh Field)
  14. Progression (Dirge Mix By Assemblage 23)
  15. Ever (Remixed By Liquid Divine)
  16. Ever (Remixed By Dj Delobbo)
  17. Let Me Tell You Something (Riesling Mix By Caustic)
  18. Illuminate (Remixed By Gasr)
  19. Illuminate (Remixed By Null Device)
  20. Going Under (Remixed By Conetik)

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