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  1. The Graveyard Of The Atlantic
  2. Unopened Letter To The World
  3. In This Diary
  4. Your Boyfriend Sucks
  5. All Souls' Day
  6. 12.15.10
  7. Takeoffs And Landings
  8. My Hotel Year
  9. Fast Times At Dropout High
  10. The Hero Dies In This One
  11. Soul And Fire
  12. Oh, Kansas City
  13. So Long, Astoria
  14. San Dimas
  15. I Fell In Love With An Opiate Sun
  16. I.o.u. One Galaxy
  17. Eight Of Nine
  18. Fast Times At Dropout High (Acoustic)
  19. How I Spent My Summer Vacation
  20. From A Tower

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