Technoboy n°174 Italie
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  1. War Machine
  2. Twisted Mind Fantasy
  3. Time
  4. Skyscraper (Dj Luca Antolini Hard Mix)
  5. Miami Belch (Polite Mix)
  6. Oh My God (Technoboy's Callsheet)
  7. Rage (A Hardstyle Song)
  8. The Piano Song (Alla Vecchia Mix)
  9. Natural
  10. Next Dimensional World (Qlimax 2008 Anthem)
  11. Her Voice (Headhunterz Remix)
  12. I Survived (Original Vrs)
  13. Yerba Diabolika (Tby Mix)
  14. Next Dimensional World
  15. Double Dutch Darkies (Original Mix)
  16. Put Some Grace (Original Mix)
  17. The Big Light
  18. Phases (Tby Romantic Mix)
  19. Evolution
  20. The Stage Is Our Home (Original)

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