Sweet Vacation n°138 Japon
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  1. World Is So Grooving
  2. Looking For The Future
  3. Speed Of Sound
  4. Sexy Girl
  5. Girls & Boys
  6. We Love The Earth
  7. Bitter Or Sweet
  8. さよならマイデイズ
  9. Suddenly I See
  10. Asobi Ni Ikou Yo (遊びに行こうよ) (2Nd Edition)
  11. 8 Bit Darling ~Remix Rev.2~
  12. Brand New Wave (☆Star Guitar Remix)
  13. 遊びに行こうよ
  14. I Miss You ~ユメデアエタラ~ "うっとりタイプ"
  15. I Feel So Good
  16. Sexy Girl (Thai Ver.)
  17. The Goonies 'R' Good Enough
  18. Summer Day (Thai Ver.)
  19. Material Girl
  20. I Feel So Good (Thai Ver.)

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