Surkin n°769 France
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  1. Fan Out
  2. Silver Island
  3. Lose Yourself (Brodinski Remix)
  4. Inyn (Live Mix)
  5. Lose Yourself (Rustie Remix)
  6. Ultra Light
  7. White Knight Two
  8. Radio Fireworks
  9. Kiss And Fly (Tacteel Remix)
  10. Ghetto Obsession 2006
  11. And You Too
  12. And You Too (Dj Slugo Remix)
  13. I Want You Back (Instrumental)
  14. Next Of Kin
  15. Kid Gloves
  16. Radio Fireworks (Riot In Belgium First Remix)
  17. Ghetto Obsession Beta
  18. I Want You Back (Vocal Version)
  19. Kiss' N' Horns
  20. Chrome Knight

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