Straight Lines n°1243 Royaume-Uni
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  1. Versus The Allegiance
  2. Commitments
  3. Runaway Now
  4. Loose Change
  5. Say It For Your Sake
  6. Empty Chest
  7. Ring The Bells
  8. Half Gone
  9. Half Gone (Acoustic)
  10. Good Intentions
  11. Commitments (Owls Remix)
  12. Say It For Your Sake (Live Session)
  13. Bury Me
  14. So Many Paths (Live Session)
  15. Set Me On Fire And Feed Me To The Wolves (Acoustic)
  16. Insecurity Guard
  17. Only Ghosts
  18. When In Doubt (Demo)
  19. All My Friends Have Joined The Army (Acoustic)
  20. Visions (Acoustic)

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