Smoke City n°1011 Royaume-Uni
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  1. Underwater Love
  2. Do You Find Your Sound Difficult To Translate To Live Work?
  3. Underwater Love (Morales Underwater Club Mix)
  4. Underwater Love (Voyager Mix)
  5. So Firstly Introduce The Band For Us.
  6. Nina You Have A Rather Interesting Background.
  7. What About Your Musical Backgrounds?
  8. There's A Very Heavy Brazilian Influence In The Music, Is That Just Nina Or All The Band?
  9. There Was Also A Late Addition To The Threesome.
  10. Tell Us About The Sound... It's Quite Unique.
  11. What's The Writing Procedure In Smoke City?
  12. Lets Talk About The Music... Firstly Underwater Love.
  13. Imagine
  14. Mr. Gorgeous Next... There Must Be A Story There.
  15. The Instrumental Next - Dark Walk.
  16. Into Bossa Territory With The Track With You.
  17. Jogga Bossa Is An Odd Title... What Does It Mean?
  18. And The Folky Jamie Pan... Why The Folk Slant?
  19. The Album Title Flying Away Presumably Has A Meaning For You Nina?
  20. Mr Gorgeous (And Miss Curvaceous) (Lp Version)

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