Revolution Renaissance n°82 Finlande
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  1. Heroes
  2. I Did It My Way
  3. Crossing The Rubicon
  4. Just Let It Rain
  5. Dreamchild
  6. Trinity
  7. Frozen Winter Heart
  8. Hunting High And Low (Stratovarius Cover)
  9. Icarus
  10. Last Night On Earth
  11. Loneliness Of 1000 Years
  12. We Hold The Key (Stratovarius Cover)
  13. Heroes (Album Version)
  14. I Did It My Way (Acoustic Remix)
  15. Angel (Acoustic Remix)
  16. Keep The Flame (Acoustic Remix)
  17. We Are Magic (Tobias Sammet Version)
  18. Last Night On Earth (Stratovarius Demo)
  19. Revolution Renaissance (Stratovarius Demo)
  20. The World Doesn't Get To Me

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