Pzychobitch n°382 Allemagne
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  1. Breakdown
  2. Come True
  3. Out Of My Mind
  4. Big Lover (Total Subjection Remix By Sleepwalk)
  5. Wake Up ([:Sitd:] Mix)
  6. Big Lover (Short Cut)
  7. Master Of Myself (In Strict Confidence Mix)
  8. Come Back!
  9. Master Of My Mind (Set Alight-Mix)
  10. Master Of Myself
  11. Come Back 2 (Tekkno Whore Remix By Thomas Rainer)
  12. Behind The Door (Evil Attitude Miqs)
  13. Suspring Heart (Black Tactic)
  14. Killing Smile (Hayfever Miqs)
  15. Caress (Careless Upstream Miqs)
  16. Ego (Slowback Perversion)
  17. Face In Your Hand
  18. Wake Up
  19. Eden 2
  20. My Day

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