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  1. Rockin' With Red
  2. Red's Boogie
  3. Diggin' The Boogie
  4. I'm Gonna Rock Some More
  5. She Knocks Me Out
  6. I Ain't Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes
  7. Got You On My Mind
  8. Boogie Time
  9. Do She Love Me
  10. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
  11. Let's Have A Good Time Tonight
  12. Wild Fire
  13. Big Rock Joe From Kokomo
  14. It Makes No Difference Now
  15. Jumpin' The Boogie
  16. Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo
  17. Layin' The Boogie
  18. She Walks Right In
  19. She's Dynamite
  20. Everybody's Boogie

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