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  1. 28 Paradise
  2. The Story Of The Impossible
  3. Inertia
  4. Twelve Twenty One
  5. Going To Where The Tea Trees Are
  6. Aurora (Remix By Ivan Iusco)
  7. Spiral (Remix By Christophe Calpini)
  8. Sandbox Play
  9. Crash Opera (Featuring Maya Villanueva)
  10. Oneiric Transduction
  11. Skittering March (Featuring Maya Villanueva)
  12. Quivers
  13. Vanishing Waves (Remix By Teho Teardo)
  14. Shimmering Echoes (Featuring Maya Villanueva)
  15. Sombre (Remix By Pánico)
  16. Auraro (End Credits) (Featuring Marie Modiano)
  17. Ultrasonic Beam (Remix By Michael Fakesch)
  18. Scintilla (Remix By Christophe Calpini)
  19. Side By Side
  20. Neuronal Tail (Remix By Christophe Calpini)

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