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  1. Lay It Down
  2. Nothing To Worry About
  3. It Don't Move Me
  4. I Don't Know What I Want Us To Do
  5. Objects Of My Affection
  6. Gut Feeling
  7. Wrapped Around The Axle
  8. Breakin' Point
  9. Let's Call It Off
  10. (I Just Wanna) See Through
  11. Young Folks
  12. What You Talking About?
  13. 100 M Of Hurdles
  14. It Beats Me Every Time
  15. People They Know
  16. Young Folks (Instrumental)
  17. Stay This Way (Jazzy Jeff Remix)
  18. Welcome To Daytrotter
  19. I'm Losing My Mind (6Th Sense Remix)
  20. Living Thing (Apple Juice Kid Remix)

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