Percy Grainger n°60 Australie
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  1. Irish Tune From County Derry
  2. Country Gardens
  3. Molly On The Shore
  4. Colonial Song
  5. Shepherd's Hey
  6. Ye Banks And Braes O' Bonnie Doon
  7. Mock Morris
  8. Early One Morning
  9. Harvest Hymn
  10. Handel In The Strand
  11. Shallow Brown
  12. Shepherd's Hey!
  13. The Immovable Do
  14. The Merry King
  15. Blithe Bells
  16. Walking Tune
  17. Six Dukes Went Afishin'
  18. My Robin Is To The Greenwood Gone
  19. Lord Maxwell's Goodnight
  20. The Warriors

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