Patrick Hernandez n°367 France
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  1. Can't Keep It Up
  2. Born To Be Alive
  3. Down On Easy Street
  4. Slow Down
  5. Show Me The Way You Kiss
  6. Born To Be Alive (Version Concept Americain)
  7. Disco Queen
  8. Think I Can Feel It
  9. Born To Be Alive (Version Concept Europeen 1978)
  10. Born To Be Alive (Version Radio)
  11. I Give You Rendez-Vous
  12. Loosing Sleep Over You
  13. Lover Identity Card
  14. L.a. Shakedown
  15. Crazy Days
  16. Goodbye
  17. Losing Sleep Over You
  18. I Give You Rendezvous
  19. Back To Boogie
  20. You Turn Me On

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