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  1. Eponine
  2. No One Needs To Know
  3. Incarnation Blues
  4. Flight Of Yuri Gagarin
  5. Korobeiniki (Traditional Russian Folk Song)
  6. You Know The Story
  7. Landing Of Yuri Gagarin
  8. The Business Of Getting Down (Flight Of The Bootymaestro)
  9. Maybe In An Alternate Dimension (Flight Of The Bootymetronome)
  10. Immigration Song (Flight Of The Bootymechanic)
  11. Flight Of The Bootymaster (Flight Of The Bootymaster)
  12. Continental Drift (Flight Of The Bootymademoiselle)
  13. Barriers
  14. Fight The Darkness
  15. Heartache Vs. Heartbreak
  16. Lunchbreak (Cobras Theme)
  17. Wake Up
  18. I Wonder
  19. Underneath My Tree
  20. Straight Flush

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