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  1. Wisecrack
  2. A Piece Of The Sky Is Missing
  3. Pleasant Banjo Intro With Irritating Squeak
  4. Scissor Rock Bicycle Revelation
  5. Sinan Sings For Her Chums
  6. Ritva Sings For The World
  7. I Am The Poison
  8. Swamp Rat
  9. Glory Hole
  10. Ooh Baby (Coo Coo)
  11. Creakiness
  12. Ostranenie
  13. Yagga Blues
  14. A Snake In Your Abdomen
  15. Excerpt From Pricksongs
  16. Tickling That Great Pudarkus In The Sky
  17. Nil By Mouth
  18. Salt
  19. Part One
  20. Part Two

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