Nosfell n°642 France
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  1. Günel
  2. Le Long Sac De Pierres
  3. Path Of Green (Memory Of A Crimson Door Under The Waves)
  4. Children Of Windaklo
  5. Shaünipul
  6. Gouz Mandamaz
  7. Sladinji The Grinning Tree
  8. Slakaz Blehezim
  9. Blewkhz Gowz (The Only Thing He Had To Say)
  10. Your Servant To The Ground
  11. Smoke
  12. Mindala Jinka
  13. Ather
  14. Jaün Sev' ¨Zul
  15. Vatilan
  16. The Wise Left Hand
  17. Oh! It's Been A Long Time, But We're Glad You Came
  18. Your Elegant Hat
  19. Ta Main, Leurs Dents
  20. Likade Liditark

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