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  1. Lovin' In The Valley Of The Moon
  2. Desert Horizon
  3. Sun Comes In The Morning
  4. Where She Has Gone
  5. Cold, Cold City Nights
  6. Walkin' Down To Suzy's
  7. High Tide In Wingo
  8. Hopin' You'll Come Back
  9. Thinkin' 'Bout You Babe
  10. Wasn't It Bad Enough
  11. Age Old Puppet
  12. Echoes Of The Last Stampede
  13. One Kiss To Say Goodbye
  14. Sea Of Key
  15. Eighteen Wheels
  16. The Jig Is Up
  17. Rosalie
  18. Another Day
  19. Hangin' Tree
  20. Puerto De Azul

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