My Dying Bride

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  1. Your River
  2. The Cry Of Mankind
  3. A Sea To Suffer In
  4. Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium
  5. The Songless Bird
  6. The Crown Of Sympathy
  7. The Thrash Of Naked Limbs
  8. The Forever People
  9. For You
  10. I Am The Bloody Earth
  11. From Darkest Skies
  12. Your Shameful Heaven
  13. The Snow In My Hand
  14. Sear Me Mcmxciii
  15. She Is The Dark
  16. Black Voyage
  17. Sear Me
  18. Vast Choirs
  19. A Kiss To Remember
  20. Turn Loose The Swans

Discographie de My Dying Bride

15 albums studios

  1. Pochette A Mortal Binding
    A Mortal Binding19 Avril 2024
  2. Pochette The Ghost of Orion
    The Ghost of Orion6 Mars 2020
  3. Pochette Feel the Misery
    Feel the Misery18 Septembre 2015
  4. Pochette A Map of All Our Failures
    A Map of All Our Failures15 Octobre 2012
  5. Pochette Evinta
    Evinta30 Mai 2011
  6. Pochette For Lies I Sire
    For Lies I Sire23 Mars 2009
  7. Pochette A Line of Deathless Kings
    A Line of Deathless Kings9 Octobre 2006
  8. Pochette Songs of Darkness, Words of Light
    Songs of Darkness, Words of Light16 Février 2004
  9. Pochette The Dreadful Hours
    The Dreadful Hours22 Octobre 2001
  10. Pochette The Light at the End of the World
    The Light at the End of the World8 Novembre 1999
  11. Pochette 34.788%… Complete
    34.788%… Complete6 Octobre 1998
  12. Pochette Like Gods of the Sun
    Like Gods of the Sun7 Octobre 1996
  13. Pochette The Angel and the Dark River
    The Angel and the Dark River22 Mai 1995
  14. Pochette Turn Loose the Swans
    Turn Loose the SwansOctobre 1993
  15. Pochette As the Flower Withers
    As the Flower Withers22 Mai 1992