MJ Cole n°795 Royaume-Uni
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  1. Attitude
  2. 90 Miles
  3. You're Mine
  4. Sanctuary
  5. Sanctuary (Beat Free Mix)
  6. Tired Games (Club Mix)
  7. Tired Games (Nu Yorican Soul Instrumental)
  8. Tired Games (Nu Yorican Soul)
  9. Hold On To Me (K-Warren's Vocal Mix)
  10. Hold On To Me (Vocal Dub)
  11. Hold On To Me (Re-Rub)
  12. Crazy Love (Todd Edwards Discofied 2000 Remix)
  13. Crazy Love (Radio Edit)
  14. Waiting For The Day (Bonus Beats)
  15. Waiting For The Day (Dub)
  16. Waiting For The Day (Vocal Dub)
  17. Flava Fever
  18. Waiting For The Day
  19. Tired Games (Club Beat)
  20. Guilty

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