Miniature Tigers n°2599 États-Unis
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  1. The Wolf
  2. Dino Damage
  3. Gold Skull
  4. Cannibal Queen
  5. Mansion Of Misery (Demo)
  6. Japanese Woman Living In My Closet (Demo)
  7. Egyptian Robe (Demo)
  8. Bullfighter Jacket (Demo)
  9. Gold Skull (Demo)
  10. Dark Tower (Demo)
  11. Rock N Roll Mountain Troll (Demo)
  12. I Never Want Our Love To End
  13. I'm Awake Now
  14. Lolita (Demo)
  15. Before You
  16. Nobody Else
  17. Wheat
  18. Wish It Was Now
  19. I Dreamt I Was A Cowboy
  20. Dreaming

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