Melanie De Biasio n°40 Belgique
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  1. Gold Junkies
  2. Let Me Love You
  3. Down
  4. I Feel You (Eels Remix)
  5. Sitting In The Stairwell
  6. Brother
  7. Afro Blue
  8. All My Worlds
  9. And My Heart Goes On
  10. No Deal (Seven Davis Jr Remix)
  11. The Flow (Hex Remix)
  12. With Love / Sweet Darling Pain (Gilles Peterson & Simbad Remix)
  13. Sweet Darling Pain (Chassol Remix)
  14. I'm Gonna Leave You (Clap! Clap! Remix)
  15. With All My Love (Jonwayne Remix)
  16. I'm Gonna Leave You (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix)
  17. Lilies
  18. Your Freedom Is The End Of Me
  19. A Stomach Is Burning
  20. With All My Love

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