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  1. In The Middle Of The Night
  2. Give Me All Your Love
  3. Energy Of Light (Video–Radio Mix)
  4. Homicidal
  5. Fire
  6. Carry On
  7. Omen Iii (Single Edit)
  8. World Of Freedom
  9. World Of Freedom (Fertig Mix)
  10. World Of Freedom (Club Mix)
  11. Energy Of Light (Smooth Radio Cut)
  12. The Commutation
  13. Energy Of Light (Phase 4–Mix)
  14. Energy Of Light (House Affair–Mix)
  15. Energy Of Light (Fast Fertig–Mix)
  16. Energy Of Light (Club Mix)
  17. The Rhythm Makes You Wanna Dance (Magic Phen-Omen Mix)
  18. World Of Freedom (Miami Mix)
  19. Break These Chains (Radio Version)
  20. World Of Freedom (House Mix)

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