Luciano Berio n°57 Italie
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  1. Sequenza Viii
  2. Sinfonia: Iii. In Ruhig Fliessender Bewegung
  3. Sinfonia: Ii. O King
  4. Sinfonia: V.
  5. Sinfonia: Iv.
  6. Sinfonia: I.
  7. Folk Songs: Loosin Yelav
  8. Folk Songs: Rossignolet Du Bois
  9. Folk Songs: La Donna Ideale
  10. Folk Songs: Ballo
  11. Folk Songs: Azerbaijan Love Song
  12. Folk Songs: I Wonder As I Wander
  13. Visage
  14. Sequenza Viii For Violin
  15. Sequenza Xiii For Accordion 'Chanson'
  16. Points On The Curve To Find…
  17. Folk Songs: Vi. La Donna Ideale (Italy)
  18. Folk Songs: Iv. Rossignolet Du Bois (France)
  19. Sequenza Iv For Piano
  20. Corale (Su Sequenza Viii)

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