Lord Finesse n°1819 États-Unis
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  1. Interlude
  2. You Know What I'm About (Original Version)
  3. Check Me Out Baby Pah
  4. Isn't He Something
  5. Return Of The Funkyman (Remix)
  6. Yes You May (Remix)
  7. Hip 2 Da Game
  8. Isn't He Something (Extra P Session Mix)
  9. Return Of The Funky Man (Instrumental)
  10. Return Of The Funky Man (Album Version)
  11. Return Of The Funky Man (Clean Version)
  12. Baby, You Nasty (Vocal)
  13. Back To Back Rhyming (Instrumental)
  14. Back To Back Rhyming (Vocal Remix)
  15. Strictly For The Ladies (Instrumental)
  16. Strictly For The Ladies (Full Version)
  17. Strictly For The Ladies (Radio Remix)
  18. Track The Movement (Instrumental)
  19. Track The Movement (Vocal)
  20. Fuck 'Em (Album Version)

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