London Funk Allstars n°1247 Royaume-Uni
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  1. Knee Deep In The Beats, Part 1
  2. Represent
  3. The Chase
  4. Allstars Theme
  5. Love Is What We Need
  6. Never Can Get Enough
  7. Flesh Eating Disco Zombies Versus The Bionic Hookers From Mars
  8. U.j.
  9. Mad Love
  10. Give It To Me Raw
  11. Way Out
  12. How To Be A Ninja In One Easy Lesson
  13. Sure Shot (Reversion)
  14. Only For The Hip Hop Lovers
  15. Sure Shot (Lp Version)
  16. Life Ain't Pretty (Can Ya Understand, Part 2)
  17. Knee Deep In The Beats, Part 2
  18. Tear It Up
  19. Junkies Bad Trip
  20. There's Only One F In Funk

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